2014 winners
Event Prize: MVU Thunderbirds
Judge’s Prize: Ampersand & Ampersand
Peer Prize: Ampersand & Ampersand
thank you everyone for a wonderful event this year


The whole big show
You can also watch it in segments as you find them throughout the site
Judge’s Prize: Awarded by a panel of guest judges
Peer Prize: Awarded by the participants
Event Prize: Awarded to the team who collects the most points during the event.

Participants had to use 3 of these kinds of stories…

…and choose one of these three themes

narrative Narrative-driven stories
Examples: Movies, Books, Plays
experience Location-driven stories
Examples: Kiosks, Art Installations, Performance Art
objective Objective-driven stories
Examples: Games
mobile Mobile-driven stories
Examples: Scavengers hunts using GPS, Directions given using text messaging
community@4x Community-driven stories
Examples: Sharing stories using social media, Contributive stories written by many

library as information filter

“Imagine you asked a question into your device of choice and everything, absolutely everything that could respond, does. What would that kind of world look like?”

library without walls

“Imagine a town that has a staff of librarians that serve the community daily, but there’s no physical library building. How does that work?”

the digital divide

“Look at them, using the web for everything. They still talk to their friends online. Don’t they know Google hasn’t been up to date in like 10 years?” Imagine your world crossing the digital divide.

Introduction to StoryHackVT
Erik Esckilsen – Professor of creative writing and digital storytelling at Champlain College
Stephen Pite – Professor of film studies at Vermont College of Fine Arts
Raedia Albinson – Animation design at Albinson Design
Rubi Simon – Library director at Fletcher Free Library
Andrew Liptak – Creator of Geek Mountain State, a community blog of all things geek in VT with a special interest in genre fiction
Judge’s Award
hourly challenges
Each hour a new challenge is released for the teams to tackle.

Challenge #12

What if the library were locked for a year? Would you notice? Post your thoughts on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 #locked #library...

Challenge #11

If you wanted to check out ANY one thing from the library, what would it be? Post your thoughts on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 and #libraryloan...

Challenge #10

How useful is technology if you can’t read? Post your thoughts on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 and #digiliteracy...

Challenge #9

How much to you trust the information you get online? Post your thoughts on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 #validinfo ...

Challenge #8

What could a library be used for if it didn’t house any books? Post on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 #nobooks #libraries...

Challenge #7

List 3 unusual things a library could loan out in the future. Post on any social media. Use hashtags #shvt14 #libloan #libraries...

Challenge #6

Sponsored Challenge Show two people communicating by handheld lights (like a flashlight). Post on Twitter. Use both hashtags #shvt14 #btlightchat...

Challenge #5

Bonus Challenge   This goes out to anyone and everyone out there following StoryHackVT. Make a picture or video pantomiming an epic powder day wipe out and post to Twitter. Use both hashtags #shvt14 and #thinksnow. Best entry posted as of 9/28 at 10AM and as decided by MRG wins ski passes in the 2014-2015...

Challenge #4

Sponsored Challenge Include a picture or video in your project of a student holding so many books they can’t open a door....

Challenge #3

Sponsored Challenge White River Junction International Film Festival Transmedia Challenge (to help announce their upcoming transmedia contest; watch for updates) Include a film reel (see Nate to get one) in three different media anywhere within your project....

Challenge #2

Sponsored Challenge: Include 10 or more padlocks in your project...

Challenge #1

Display a late 21st century library card somewhere in your project. 100pts/team...
social hour
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