The Event

The first StoryhackVT was held on October 19th and 20th in Burlington, VT. 15 teams composed of 55 people in all participated. The team profiles and various social media handles, hastags, and pages used to promote their efforts and tell their production stories can be found here at Live at StoryhackVT.

For a collection of all the posts tagged with the event hashtag #storyhackvt you can find them on Tagboard

The event drew the attention of 21 countries around the world and 43 states within the US.

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The Rules

  1. Teams must have between one and five members.

  2. Teams will be provided a theme at the start of the Hack. The theme must be incorporated into the story in some way.

  3. Stories must be told across (at least) three digital media.*

  4. All stories must be original works and composed during the Storyhack.



* We’re playing loose with the definition of “digital medium” here. Digital media can be picture galleries, video, animation, blogs, social media, games and more. It just has to be able to be shared and viewed  on the Internet. The more creative you are, the more willing we are to let it slide.

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News & Updates

Breaking Event Information and Random Ideas


Posted by shack on Oct 1, 2013

Got the Munchies Here’s how you shop for a food vendor. You work non stop for 12 hours until you’re buzzing on caffeine and starving for anything else. You can’t think straight. Your limbs are wobbly. Yet still ideas are ricocheting around your head...

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Posted by shack on Sep 30, 2013

Smart Storytelling   Vermont Public Radio has this thing that happens every time you tune into their station. I want to call it a Narrative of Intelligence. It’s almost a hypnotic conversation coming at you through your radio. It’s not loud or flashy...

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Office Squared: Where Ideas Grow

Posted by Nate Herzog on Sep 26, 2013

Office Squared was created around the belief that it takes more than a desk to make a work place. It takes a community of skills and ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship. When you lease a space at Office Squared you get more than an office. You enter into a...

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Story Evolution

Posted by Nate Herzog on Sep 16, 2013

Learning to tell stories on a new medium like the Internet is natural. We’ve been doing it for centuries. By honing new skills like what StoryhackVT encourages, it’s not some quirky pastime. You’re doing what many others have done. “Through...

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We’re on TV!!

Posted by Nate Herzog on Sep 6, 2013

On the other side (of the camera) Nate Herzog is on Live at 5:25 talking about StoryhackVT. From what it is to how it came about. If ever you wanted to know more about the event, this is a great place to start. Thank you to our media sponsor Channel 17 for the...

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Vermont Tech Jam

Posted by Nate Herzog on Sep 3, 2013

Enter the Tech Jam   I remember being asked to give a presentation for the first annual Vermont Tech Jam. Actually, my boss was asked. When he learned the topic would be on the intersection of creativity and technology he passed the opportunity to me. That...

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